The Maestro of HR

Published by Profile Magazine

Dick Caldera orchestrates Bayer’s movement to a life sciences brand with a new talent acquisition strategy and structure driven by unified purpose.

Seven New Gases Deal Damage to Ozone Layer

Published by Discover Magazine

Despite a global phase-out of CFCs such as Freon, newly detected gases threaten the ozone layer's recovery.

Climate change hits your fridge

Published by Medill Reports

Mother Nature is getting more hotheaded, causing problems for farmers and increasingly straining the global food supply.

Global warming lurks behind ‘polar vortex’ facade

Not Vegas: What happens in the Arctic doesn't stay in the Arctic

Building the Museum of the Future with Google Glass

Published by the Northwestern University/Art Institute of Chicago Center for Scientific Studies in the Arts

Different wavelengths of light are pointed at works of art in laboratories all over the world, dissecting structure and pigments not seen with the naked eye.

Full bellies: Program created by NU alumni helps African farmers

Published by the Northwestern University Global Health Portal

The origin story for a top international charity begins at Northwestern University, and the director returned to campus on April 23 to talk about the organization’s successes and challenges as a part of the One Book One Northwestern series.