Photos of Mongolia

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Climate's Timekeepers: In the Mongolian steppe near the Altai Mountains, a young scientist carries forth the legacy of uncovering the secret history of climate change—one boulder at a time.

A long-form eyewitness account of the monthlong expedition. VIew the sideshow below for a sample of the photos I took during the embedded reporting journey.

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Seven New Gases Deal Damage to Ozone Layer: Despite a global phase-out of CFCs such as Freon, newly detected gases threaten the ozone layer's recovery.

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Medill Reports Chicago
Pioneering scientist connects civil rights to climate change: Internationally acclaimed atmospheric scientist Warren Washington, 77, drove home the connection between civil rights and climate change this week at Northwestern University.

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Medill Reports Chicago
Global warming lurks behind ‘polar vortex’ facade: “Game of Thrones” fans recognize the motto “winter is coming” as the warning for impending doom. Well, winter is here and Chicagoans enduring the polar vortex know stepping outside means running the risk of turning into a Popsicle.

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Climate Change Hits Your Fridge: Mother Nature is getting more hotheaded, causing problems for farmers and increasingly straining the global food supply. Yet last week a Gallup survey showed that Americans list climate change as one of their lowest priorities.

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